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The Language of Tea and Friendship

Humans are sociable beings. If not all, almost everyone is socially connected with one another, thus developing friendships. From our childhood to adulthood, there are acquaintances and constants. They might be a schoolmate, neighbor, or workmate. In some ways, friendship can positively or negatively influence a person. That’s why most people are after maintaining healthy friendships. As there is a clear connection between healthy friendship and one’s overall well-being, having a good companion is also good for health.[1]

Spending quality time with friends ranges from sharing stories over food, playing sports together, watching funny or dramatic movies, sleeping over, out-of-town trips, video calls, text messaging, to even sending pre-recorded videos. But one activity that is done to preserve friendship roots from an old-age tradition: drinking tea

Tea and Friendship: Its Traditional Roots[2]

In an article for China Heritage Quarterly, writer Lin Yutang wrote about how tea and friendships were related. There are different activities that can be enjoyed by different types of people. Just as someone enjoys partying with loud friends, other serene activities must be done with people of the same temperament as the peaceful scenery. Thus, the correct company will complement the entire mood. There are people whom you meet to drink wine with, and there are also people whom you meet to drink coffee or tea with. In this life, one should be able to develop friendships for the appropriate enjoyment, at different locations, and at a proper occasion. Wine is better for noisy company, while tea is invented is meant for the quiet company.

Drinking tea is a social norm in China and England. This form of connecting with others’ roots also from the tradition of proper preparation of tea: from the carefully chosen cups and pots, to the water to be used in boiling. In short, it must not be contaminated while preparing it in the presence of distinguished guests. Drinking tea must also be done with a select few, as too many people would only bring noise that will take away its cultured charm.

From this old-age tradition of drinking tea with friends, it can be concluded that this kind of fellowship with friends promotes deeper and more meaningful connections. Those with whom you drink tea are those whom you would want to spend your precious serene moments with.

The Beneficial Duo

Friendship and teas are both beneficial to our health in many ways. Combining the two will is a win-win situation.

Looking into the benefits of connecting with friends, the following may be the noticeable results of having healthy relationships:

  • Increased sense of belonging and purpose
  • Improved happiness and reduced stress.
  • Improved self-confidence and self-worth
  • Managed traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one
  • Better overall health

On the other hand, teas have been observed to contribute to good health, happiness, and wisdom. Studies show that some teas may aid with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Teas have been also seen to boost weight loss, lower cholesterol, and bring mental alertness. It also appears to have antimicrobial components.[5] Additionally, teas are classified into different types, each with its own benefits for the body and mind, as we’ve listed here.

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