Ceylon tea

Facts of Tea

Mostly enjoyed worldwide, tea is considered the second most consumed beverage globally, being important historically a culturally. It is not only that we are being a tea manufacturer that we bring you the importance of the tea, but for the happiness of all the tea lovers around the globe, and of course, our purest love for the beverage.

We might also not conversant about every single fact about making, development and consumption of tea, yet today we are about to reveal few lesser-known facts about this invigorating beverage that we all love.

Preparing a cup of Tea

Its a fact that many of us are bit too serious when it comes to preparing a tea.

To your astonishment, did you know that the British Tea Producers Association, the Tea Trade Committee, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the United Kingdom has provided a very particular guide on how to prepare tea?

Youll feel your methods of making tea inadequate when compared to the systematic and methodical guide cited here on how to extract the most abundant quantity of taste from tea leaves.

Here in this guide, explained the exact serving methods, temperature, portions and porcelain to practice when preparing a cup of tea. For a tea enthusiast like you and me, its a joy to hear that practicing a most reliable way to make tea can enhance your cup of tea is scientifically and methodically proven!

Milk or Water First?

What do you pour in first, Milk or Water? A fruitful conversation (or might become an argument) to have, isnt it? I can guarantee you that youll become more educated on how to make a perfect tea.

Since the early days, this disagreement or the differed methods of making tea has been there due to the variances in community class. Those who have cheaper low-quality tea sets used to pour the milk in first since it has been noted that when pouring boiling hot water, their tea sets damage rapidly.

At this stage, I know you might be immensely worried by the revelation that you might be destroying your antique tea set all this time or maybe your habit of pouring whether milk or water first branded you for a particular class in society.

But, do not worry my friend & if simply explained the answer to this, you do not need to be worried about it cause though water or milk poured in first, the quality of your tea will always be the same. Cause its the quality of your tea is what most important, not the mere ancient practices and social class.

Tea Storage

Once you bought tea, where would you store it? Maybe keep it in the original packaging and just let it lying there on the corner of your kitchen table? Or maybe you shift it to your labeled tea basket or that beautiful glass container of yours? Or maybe you always keep it by your bed, which you look into it sometimes and smile with it? & Ha ha & I was just joking &

Tea Caddles which commonly called, Tea storage chests has been the commonplace where people store their tea in 17th century. Dont get shocked, but those times, tea is considered so valuable and given a higher worth and kept protected and locked away. Those who have significant amount of tea stored with them were considered high class and rich.

Maybe we might have been tea thieves at that time or maybe Guardians of tea or maybe Teavengers? Wow, just think about it a bit &


Thus, its time for me to say Goodbye & But keep me in your mind when you take a sip of that refreshing tea that both you and I love &

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